Noor Buchholz (UAE) @ U-merge Symposium Basra/ Iraq, January 23-25, 2019

  • Disposable scopes in urology – gadget or future?
  • Mini-PCNL: exception or new standard?
  • Lasers
  • How to deal with new anticoagulants in endourology?

Faculty meeting

A first U-merge faculty meeting was held during the 3rd Bi-annual ESD (Experts in Stone Disease) meeting in Dubai/ UAE 15th to 17th February 2017. 14 faculty members were present. Various opportunities for projects were discussed. As a key feature and to underline the philanthropic mission of U-merge, the faculty agreed in principle to cover their own airfares to/ from U-merge activities whilst local costs should be covered by the host institution.
A copy of the minutes can be obtained on request from the U-merge secretariat.
Further U-merge faculty meetings will be held during major international meetings where a significant number of faculty members can be present.

http://www.esdconference.com/scientific-program ESD2014 Cape Town/ RSA
4th IUM (International Urology Meeting), Cape Town, RSA, July 25-27, 2015
5th IUM (International Urology Meeting), Colombo, Sri Lanka, May 22-23, 2016http://pakistan.esdconference.com/frontend/index.php?folder_id=112 ESDR2016/Islamabad, Pakistan
http://australia.esdconference.com/frontend/index.php?folder_id=69 ESDR2016/ Gold Coast, Australia
http://dubai2017.esdconference.com/frontend/index.php?page_id=480 ESD2017 Dubai/ UAE
8th Meeting Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery and “2nd SEGUR Workshop on Urolithiasis”,  24-25 April 2017 Sofia, Bulgaria
6th IUM (International Urology Meeting), Berlin, Germany, August 7-8, 2017
2nd Regional meeting and Workshop on Urolithiasis and Endourology, Islamabad, Pakistan, Dec 15-17, 2017
1st ACELAS International Meeting in Endourology, December 21-22, 2017, Setif, Algeria

Invited U-merge lectures

Hammad Ather (Pakistan): Overcoming training hurdles in the developing world. 2nd bi-annual conference Experts in Stone Disease ESD, Cape Town/ South Africa, 2014
Athanasios Papatsoris (Greece): Miniaturization in PCNL – do we need it? ESD Regional, Gold Coast/ Australia, 2016
Alberto Trinchieri (Italy): Does dietary intervention reduce stone incidence and recurrence? Facts and figures. 3rd bi-annual conference Experts in Stone Disease ESD, Dubai/ UAE, 2017
Renato N Pedro (Brazil): Classical or Mini-PCNL. When? XV JournadoPaulista de Urologia, Sao Paulo, Brezil, 2017
Renato N Pedro (Brazil): Case discussions on Ureter and Renal stones. XV JournadoPaulista de Urologia, Sao Paulo, Brezil, 2017
Noor Buchholz (UAE): Disposable flexible ureteroscopy. 6th International Urology Meeting IUM, Berlin/ Germany, 2017
Noor Buchholz (UAE): The rationale of early combination therapy in BPH. 6th International Urology Meeting IUM, Berlin/ Germany, 2017

Noor Buchholz (UAE) @ U-merge Symposium Basra/ Iraq, January 23-25, 2019

  • Disposable scopes in urology – gadget or future?
  • Mini-PCNL: exception or new standard?
  • Lasers
  • How to deal with new anticoagulants in endourology?

U-merge publications

U-merge strives to put together international and intercontinental teams of academic urologists to create well-read publications for international scientific journals. This gives young academic urologists a chance to publish together with and under the guidance of renown international scientific urologists.
Urologists are invited to communicate their ideas and U-merge will integrate them into a competent international author team to bring their ideas to paper and publication.

Projects to date

Pedro RN (Brazil), Das K (Australia), B N (United Arab Emirates): Urolithiasis in pregnancy. Int J Surgery 36: 688-692, 2016
Britto M (Australia), Buchholz N (United Arab Emirates): How to manage hydronephrosis in pregnancy. BJUI Knoweldge online module (submitted), 2017
Pedro RN, Das K, BUCHHOLZ N: A stone during pregnancy – more painful than childbirth. Atlas of Science, 2017. https://atlasofscience.org/a-stone-during-pregnancy-more-painful-than-childbirth/

Hayek S (UK), Jaffrey S (Ireland), Buchholz N (United Arab Emirates): National endourology training survey – a global comparison. (currently in preparation), 2017
A global survey on national training schemes in Urology is to be rolled out shortly.



U-merge peer-review team

U-merge has brought together a team of young urologists who regularly provide peer-reviews of articles submitted to international scientific journals. These reviews will be reviewed and submitted by senior faculty members before submission.
U-merge is seeking young academic urologists who want to participate in this activity as part of an international academic group.
Why should I participate?
Young academic urologists have a chance to learn and practice to critically review manuscripts submitted to international journals. They may discuss and be guided by a senior U-merge faculty member.
They may record these activities as in many countries a review will generate CME (Continued Medical Education) points.
They will receive annually a certificate of appreciation as a reviewer.
This activity can be incorporated into their CV and be used in periodic performance reviews.
If you are interested to be part of this active educational team, please contact the U-merge secretariat.

U-merge workshops

U-merge launched for the first time ever a workshop on “Practical Endourology – tips & tricks on a shoestring”. This well attended and well received workshop demonstrated easy “homemade” models for endourology training that could easily be replicated a very low cost by delegates in their home countries. An edible jelly model with a cheap webcam for PCNL access, puncture and dilation of a PCNL track on a watermelon, and flexible URS in a surgical glove were some of the highlights.


A similar workshop is planned for the Algerian Urology Society Meeting ACELAS in Setif/ Algeria, 21st to 22nd December 2017.
U-merge planned a two day workshop on Urolithiasis & Female Urology with International Faculty and Live surgery in Suleymania/ Kurdistan (Iraq) in October 2017. Due to the current political situation this has been postponed to 2018.

U-merge conference

We plan our first U-merge conference as a video-urology conference in Karachi/ Pakistan in late 2018. The conference with feature recorded surgical procedures, “as live unedited” videos, lectures and workshops.
All U-merge faculty are encouraged to participate actively in the conference.
Please keep an eye on our announcements.

U-merge resident exchange program

U-merge is proud to announce its co-ordination of a resident exchange program. So far the following activities have been launched by U-merge:
2016       Two residents from the Aga Khan University in Karachi/ Pakistan were sent to attend the National Urology Conference of the Sri Lankan Association of Urological Surgeons SLAUS in Colombo/ Sri Lanka. The Aga Khan University provided the airfares, and SLAUS accommodation and catering.
2017       Each two residents from Sri Lanka and Nepal have been invited to attend a one week intensive training program “Karachi Urology Week” in Karachi/ Pakistan 18th to 14th September 2017. Airfares will be paid by the home countries, accommodation and catering will be provided by the host.
Note:    The Department of Urology in Galway/ Ireland can host a resident for a 6-12 week observership (Mr. Sayeed Jaffrey). Interested residents should contact the U-merge secretariat.