Publications and Academic Activities




Swiss Medical Association FMH 1990 current
German Society of Urology DGU 1993 current
European Urological Association EUA 1994 current
Swiss Society for Research in Surgery SSRS 1995 current
New York Academy of Sciences NYA

1995 current
Swiss Society of Urology SSU 1997 current
Union of Swiss Surgical Specialties 1997 current
Swiss Society for Shock Wave Therapy SGSWT

1998 current
Urolithiasis Society of India USOI

1998 1998
Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons PAUS

1998 current
International Endourology Society IESS

1999 current
European Lithiasis Society EULIS

2000 current
Bromhead Medical Society BMS

2000 2002
Foederatio Medicorum Scrutantium FMS (Switzerland)

2000 current
British Association of Urological Surgeons BAUS

2001 current
British Medical Association BMA

2002 current
BAUS Section of Endourology

2004 current
Engineering and Urology Society EUS

2005 current
Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons SLS

2005 current
London Consultant Association LCA

2005 2010
Faculty member F 1000, Stones and Endourology Section

2011 current
Foundation Member of the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management FMLM 2012 current
Emirates Urological Society EUS

2012 current
Founder and Chairman of Experts in Stone Disease ESD 2012 current
Founder and Chairman of Urology in emerging countries U-merge

2014 current
Royal Australian College of Surgeons 2014 current