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U-merge (Urology in Emerging CountriesTM)

The idea of establishing the U-Merge Association developed over a long time. I have personally worked for many years in several different countries and, especially in emerging economies. I encountered a serious lack of standards, education and institutional support. There is a serious global need in urology for knowledge transfer from West to East, and from North to South.

There remains a serious discrepancy between experts willing to teach and urologists ready to absorb the knowledge on one hand, and the reality of poor educational systems associated with a weak knowledge transfer on the other hand. Eager as they may be, many national urological associations and societies lack the strength and resources to carve new paths through these difficulties.
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U-Merge is holding it’s first conference in Karachi/Pakistan 2018.

The website www.aku-umerge2018.com will be launched soon for more information. Stay tuned!

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U-merge membership is open to all enthusiastic academic urologists who are keen to network and participate in academic activities worldwide.

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